Translation ... and much more

… ARRIBA e.K. offers a range of services covering all aspects of text and languages.

Working with texts and languages demands great versatility, which is why the services offered by ARRIBA e.K. are just as versatile and varied. In this respect too, we differ from translation agencies in the traditional sense.Einander Verstehen

Translation is the transformation of written texts from one language into another. Translations represent an important focal area of our work.

Interpreting refers to the vulnerable transformation of texts from one language into another. Our interpreters lend you their native language, without blurring the intended message.

Art and culture
In the field of art, culture and the humanities, we offer special tax services in German and French, including proofing, text editorial and much more

Liebe zum TextComprehensive text services
Language and text assessments, copyrighting and setting, correction, proofing and office services, together with language consultation, are available to our clients either in combination with translations or as separate, individual services.

These individual services are described in more detail on the following pages.