– individual quotations depending on language, subject, type and extent of work

Translations are normally charged according to the number of lines of the finished text, the standard line consisting of 50 characters including spaces. This is how the majority of our orders are charged.

If required however, translations may also be charged according to the number of words, the extent of the initial text or by the agreement of a fixed price.

In the case of texts requiring the use of particular software, it may also be necessary to charge the services according to time.

We also apply a nominal fixed charge for certification of texts.

Particularly small orders are also subject to a fixed minimum charge

Other text services
All other text services, such as foreign language setting or proofing, are charged according to the extent, other costs and extras.

Further details of our pricing can be found in our General Terms and Conditions of Business. We are of course also available at any time if you wish to contact us personally: Contact.