Art and culture – a unique service

The requirement on texts in the field of art and culture is very varied. All these texts have in common a pronounced level of terminological specialisation and an exacting structural and stylistic requirement. Differentiated, flexible and specific text work is required … although rarely achieved.

In addition to highly specialised translations, ARRIBA e.K. is the only agency to offer its clients from the world of art, culture, archaeology and the humanities a wide range of services in both German and French. These services are directed primarily at artistic and cultural institutions, and all those involved in the art market and technology, scientists and academicians, authors, publishers, production and editorial offices, science journalists and private persons such as collectors and enthusiasts.
Copyrighting and improvement – Ghost-writing, text optimisation and
If for whatever reason you do not want to write a text yourself, or are not satisfied with an already existing text, we can help you – whether you need only half a page or a whole book – from the description of a museum exhibit to press releases, scientific papers and articles to a homepage or a complete exhibition catalogue.

Assessment – Text consultation and coaching
In the field of art and culture in particular, texts constitute both information and a business card. We will tell you how your text comes across, and point out ways to improve your text presentation. Personal consultation, linguistic and specialist assessments are just a few aspects of this work.

Reading and summation
If your daily work schedule does not give you the opportunity to keep yourself as comprehensively informed as you would like our need to be, we will be happy to take over the task of editing specialist literature according to your requirements in the form of text summations, analyses or evaluations. We can also compile extracts for you, for example if you need extracts on a particular subject when preparing a presentation.