Comprehensive text services – the complete service

Language and text assessments
We can check foreign translations taking into account your individual criteria, such as terminological accuracy, language register and impact on the target group, and provide you with a comprehensive and understandable linguistic assessment, thereby removing doubts as to the quality of a text, or identifying problems in detail.

Correction, proofing, re-writing
To err is human, and typing errors can easily creep into a text. Important texts should therefore always be checked prior to printing. Our proof-readers are native speakers with a practised eye for questions of detail, and can also provide stylistic advice if required
Foreign language setting
At ARRIBA, your texts are set by native speakers. This excludes problems and errors in hyphenation which often occur with many other typesetters. If for technical reasons the layout of the text needs to be abbreviated or slightly changed, our native speakers will put forward the corresponding, individual proposals.

Reading service
All areas of commercial, political and cultural life now suffer from being inundated with information. Whether for specialist periodicals or literature, we will read the texts for you, and summarise them as required. Syntheses, analyses, commentaries and extracts can be provided, together with information broking and much more.

Office and secretarial services
We can handle for you any and all secretarial tasks you might like to outsource.

Consultation of every kind to do with text and languages
If you would like to know in advance how a text must be written to meet the needs of a particular country or situation, our native speakers will be happy to advise you. They will familiarise you with the mentality, the customs and the language practices and expectations of the target country, in order to ensure your success.

Our services also include specific national consultation in advance of a business meeting or project.